All You Need Lunigiana Service

All You Need Lunigiana Service - Idea

Our team realized that the owner of a property that does not live locally has many difficulties in finding and managing the building, renovation and the running of his home.

We have especially noticed that foreign owners of properties find it even more difficult to find or coordinate local tradesman that speak their language and are aware of their cultural habits and levels of quality, therefore communication becomes almost impossible.

Our idea was to create a company that can solve all the needs and acts as intermediate between the non resident owner and the local trade.

The All You Need Lunigiana Service is made up of a team of professional people highly motivated ( English, Italians and Germans ) that have as an objective the solution of all the needs of the client directly or as coordinators of reputable builders and tradesman so that the client is free to enjoy his holidays without worries.

We have also realized that there is no organized structure that can help people to manage their free time and suggest, especially to the foreign client, what to do and see in Lunigiana.

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