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All You Need

Typical house of the Lunigiana

Have you bought or are you going to buy a house in Lunigiana?

The All You Need is aimed at the owner of a property in Lunigiana that needs help in the buying, the running or the converting of a building.

Our client can communicate with us in his mother tongue, we will listen to his needs and his wishes and help with the technical issues concerning the building.

If our client is unable or does not want to be bothered to deal with various builders and artisans we can do so on his behalf and oversee the job or do the work ourselves to optimal standard.

Our client will have no worries about his property we will take care of everything with thought for quality of work and punctuality of targets.

We will be his eyes and ears when he is away and make sure everything is done to exacting standards.

In our work we respect nature and work with a mind to conservation and value the local habitat.

We aim to create an individual rapport with the client based on mutual respect and expert workmanship.

Our aim is ...

to get to know our client to listen to him,
to become his” eyes” and “hands” when he is away,
to work for him to a high standard so that all he has to do is enjoy his house and holiday with family and friends in our beautiful area.

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